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The Arizona Alzheimer’s Task Force (AATF) was launched in 2010, responding to a nationwide effort for states to develop plans to support the rapidly rising population of families that are facing Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders (ADRD). The Task Force solicited statewide input from over 500 stakeholders to guide the creation of the Plan, and engaged more than 100 community organizations that serve and impact families dealing with ADRD, including consumers that rely on the support that is sometimes not available.

The Arizona Alzheimer’s State Plan that we are introducing this month in November was developed as a Framework for Action, and includes the following goals:

  • Maximize Public Awareness and Understanding
  • Develop New and Enhance Existing Supports for People with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Families
  • Expand the Dementia-Capable Workforce in Arizona
  • Advance and Disseminate Research
  • Create a Dementia-Capable System in Arizona
View the Framework for Action Plan

The AATF developed Calls to Action that will help advance the five goals. Please review these ways you or your organization can get involved and make a difference for Arizonans having to deal with ADRD.

View the Calls to Action

Below are links to AATF Partners to engage for assistance, or if you want to participate in a Call to Action: