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Arizona Programs and Services

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Financial Help Resources

Help is available for qualified individuals to plan for the future, pay utilities, receive medical and nutrition assistance, and much more.

  • Arizona Department of Economic Security
    Providing information regarding Financial Support Resources and other types of assistance.
  • Arizona Refugee Resettlement
    This Department of Economic Security Program promotes effective Refugee Resettlement that best assists them with achieving social and economic self-sufficiency and well-being as quickly as possible after arrival in the United States.
  • Benefits Check Up
    Benefits CheckUp Arizona is a confidential web-based service that screens for potential eligibility in over 1,000 federal and state programs. It can help determine eligibility for financial assistance, Medicare programs, prescription drug assistance, in-home services, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, health care programs, home energy assistance, nutrition programs and many more. In some cases you can apply online.
  • DES Utility Assistance Programs
    Assistance with utilities may be available through local Arizona Community Action Agencies
  • DES Family Assistance Administration
    The Department of Economic Security's Family Assistance Administration helps individuals and families achieve independence and self-sufficiency by providing temporary assistance in meeting their immediate basic needs. The FAA provides Cash Assistance and Nutrition Assistance (formerly Food Stamps program)to eligible participants, determines eligibility for Medical Assistance, and refers participants to other departmental and community resources for assistance.
  • Fidelity Investments' Retirement Resource CenterExternal Link
    Are you just getting started? Saving enough? Do you have a plan for living in retirement? How can you help your money grow and last as long as you'll need it? Make sure your plan stays up to date. Find out what you should know about paying yourself from your savings.
  • Making Your Saving Last in RetirementExternal Link
    The key to successful retirement investing is determining how much you'll need to save and developing a plan to get there.
  • Reverse Mortgages: Using Your Home to Stay HomeExternal Link
    Many older adults wish to remain in their homes, but find it hard to cover everyday expenses, including the costs that can come with a chronic health condition. For some, using home equity to pay for help at home and other homeowner expenses can be an important option.
  • Social Security AdministrationExternal Link
    Provides information on your Social Security records, Medicare, Disability, Supplemental Security Income, and various other services.
  • Unemployment Insurance
    The DES Unemployment Insurance Program provides a measure of economic security to the individual worker and the community when unemployment beyond the worker’s control occurs.

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